In 2018, the Harrison County Community Foundation issued a challenge to Harrison County Community Services, Inc.: Raise $100,000.00 and we will give you an additional $250,000.00! This money would be deposited into our Endowment Fund and provide funding for Harrison County Community Services, Inc. for years to come.

Harrison County Community Services, Inc. was founded in 1976 with a mission of providing a safety net for the people of Harrison County. We provide some of the basic needs of life, primarily food and assistance with rent, utilities, prescriptions, eyeglasses, clothing and GED testing. We help people like Rosaleen who came in because she had no food for herself and her children. It was her first time to come to Harrison County Community Services, Inc. and when her food came out, she was overcome with emotion, stating that she could not believe that was “all for her family”. She came back a few more times for food and then told us that she had a new job and would no longer need to come for food. It has been over six months since she has been in. Besides Rosaleen, we also see people like George who came in one time for food or Diane who only comes in to see a SHIP counselor to make sure her Medicare Part D is the best plan. Or there is Ella, who comes in to get clothing for herself and her children. We help all types of people in all types of situations.

When we meet the challenge of raising $100,000.00, we will have additional income of $17,500.00 per year to help the residents of Harrison County. With $17,500.00 we could buy 35,000 pounds of food, which would help 555 families with about a week of food. On the other hand, this money could provide 100 families with rent or utility assistance or GED testing for 194 individuals. This income will provide help for many people for years to come.

If you are interested in donating, it's as easy as clicking the “Donate Now” button on the home page here, If you would like, you can also send your donation directly to the Harrison County Community Foundation with Harrison County Community Services Fund in the memo line OR send it to us at Harrison County Community Services, Inc., PO Box 308, Corydon, IN 47112. We will also continue our Help Your Neighbor Club, for those who want to give a monthly donation, of any amount, instead of a one lump sum donation.

Thank you for caring for your community and for supporting Harrison County Community Services!

**All client names have been changed to protect their identity.


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