Food Pantry


HCCS provides food for those in our community who are in need. The Food Pantry is available to anyone in Harrison County, regardless of income. All we require is proof of residence and household members for each visit. Read below to find out what is available.


Regular Food (Monthly): County residents may come every 30 days (once a month) to receive regular food. This includes canned goods like vegetables, fruits, and soups; dry goods like cereals, pasta, and rice; frozen foods which might include breads, meats, or baked goods; and fresh produce.

Produce Only: On the weeks you do not receive Regular Food, you are welcome to come in to pick up Produce Only. This will be fruits and vegetables only, from bananas to lettuce to potatoes.

Holiday Baskets: Twice a year, for Thanksgiving and Christmas, HCCS provides holiday baskets to households that contain the ingredients to make a full holiday meal. You must apply for this program in advance of the holiday season each year. Please check with us starting in mid-September or early October for sign-up forms.

Other grocery items: Personal care items and other necessities such as toilet paper, soap, or diapers and baby food are available on a limited basis.

If you have special dietary concerns, such as diabetes or allergies, please let us know!


There is no guarantee what the Food Pantry will have on any given day. Expiration dates and seals are checked for safety and freshness before being distributed.



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Harrison County Community Services, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit recognized by the IRS.
June 26, 2017.